Hey there, I’m Kevin Jimmitry Mangaroo, a Concept Artist and Illustrator residing in the beautiful Greater Montréal area.

My artistic journey has taken me through various design fields and styles, allowing me to create captivating visuals that breathe life into characters, environments, and props. What started as a 3D artist career transformed into a deep passion for concept art and illustration.

For me, this isn’t just a job; it’s a labor of love. I find immense joy in crafting something extraordinary out of nothing, bringing new ideas to life, and conquering fresh artistic challenges. Freelancing is currently my realm, so I’m available to collaborate on exciting projects.

Let’s dive into my background.

I’ve been an illustrator for a solid 9 years, with 5 of those dedicated to the world of concept art. Additionally, I spent a year exploring the realm of 3D architectural visualization.

One of my standout experiences was leading the illustrations for the gripping motion comic series called “Natural Born Outlaws” (a Canadian indie CMJ Productions II), which tells the larger-than-life stories of some of history’s toughest and meanest outlaws and the investigations that eventually snared the criminals.

I shaped the visual style guide and established a streamlined workflow, in terms of the penciling, inking and shading process, for a talented team of illustrators. This process streamlined everything for faster penciling, inking, shading and visual consistency. 

The series premiered on the American Heroes Channel and captivated audiences in the US and Canada. Watch the trailer.

My professional journey also led me to work as a Concept Artist for Realtime Worlds Ltd in Scotland, contributing to the creation of the Microsoft Windows MMOG, “APB (All Points Bulletin).”

Additionally, I had the pleasure of storyboarding for the captivating 3D animation movie “Xcalibur.”

I honed my skills and acquired a Concept Art degree from Algonquin College in Ottawa.

But let’s not stop at professional achievements; let me share a bit about myself on a personal level.

I was born and raised on the tropical Indian Ocean island of Mauritius, which instilled a vibrant and diverse cultural background within me. I’m fluent in both English and French, perfectly bilingual.

My adventurous spirit led me to explore various parts of the world. In 2004, I left Mauritius for the UK, living in places like Leeds, London, Scotland, and Ireland. Eventually, in 2012, I found my new home in Canada, where I became a permanent resident of this beautiful country.

Aside from my artistic pursuits, I’m an avid learner and enjoy sharing tips and resources about Concept Art and Illustration on online forums. In fact, I’ve even created a Facebook group dedicated to this passion of mine.

When I’m not immersed in the world of design, you’ll often find me engrossed in philosophical literature or indulging in my hobbies of photography and cooking. Some say my cooking is pretty great!

Lastly, I find inspiration in motivational quotes, collecting them to fuel my creative fire. With all the incredible and imaginative work out there, it’s essential to stay motivated and keep pushing artistic boundaries.

My skill set includes a mastery of Photoshop, expertise in Illustrator, proficiency in Newtek Lightwave, and a solid foundation in 3D Studio Max.

Feel free to explore my portfolio and reach out for potential collaborations. Let’s embark on a creative journey together!