I’m a Concept Artist and Illustrator with a broad range of styles and experience in various design fields. I’ve travelled quite a lot and I currently live in the Greater Montréal area (I have a permanent Canadian resident permit). What initially started out as an ambitious career as a 3D artist, gradually lead to a complete shift towards concept art and illustration.  I love illustrating cool visuals and designing awesome characters, environments and props. Although I work and earn a living in this field, I don’t consider it as something that I do for a living, but rather something that I do for love — the love of creating something amazing out of nothing, giving life to new ideas and meeting new challenges. I am currently available for freelancing

Work history and education
  • Worked for 9 years as an illustrator, 5 of which as a concept artist.
  • Worked for 1 year as a 3D architectural visualization artist.
  • Worked as a lead illustrator on the motion comic series Natural Born Outlaws (from Canadian indie CMJ Productions II), which tells the larger-than-life stories of some of history’s toughest and meanest outlaws and the investigations that eventually snared the criminals. I came up with the visual style guide in terms of the penciling, inking and shading process and established an illustration workflow for my team of illustrators; this process streamlined everything for faster penciling, inking, shading and visual consistency. Natural Born Outlaws premiered in the US on Oct 2015 on the American Heroes Channel & Canada. Watch the trailer.
  • Employed as a Concept artist by Realtime Worlds Ltd in Scotland on the Microsoft Windows MMOG, titled APB (All Points Bulletin).
  • I also drew the storyboards for the 3D animation movie Xcalibur.
  • Graduated from the Concept Art program at Algonquin College in Ottawa.
Facts about me
  • Born and raised in the small tropical Indian Ocean island named Mauritius.
  • I am perfectly bilingual in both written and spoken English & French.
  • Left Mauritius in 2004 for the UK. Lived in Leeds, London, Scotland and Ireland.
  • Moved to Canada in 2012 and now a permanent resident in this beautiful country.
  • Enjoy learning and sharing tips and other resources about Concept art and Illustration on various online forums.  I created a Facebook group for this.
  • When I’m not designing, I enjoy reading, mainly philosophical contents and I might easily bore you with it if you dare to touch the subject in my presence.
  • Photography and cooking are other things that I love doing. I have been told that my cooking is great.
  • I have a huge collection of motivational quotes. With all the amazingly creative stuffs out there, one needs to stay motivated.
Skill set
  • Photoshop


  • Illustrator


  • Newtek Lightwave


  • 3D Studio Max